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Our story

Hello my name is Victoria Ferreira and I started MoreFitMom after my first pregnancy. I was just the same as every other new mom in being ecstatic after my child was born. While that never truly wears off, you start to remember that it's important to care about yourself as well as your baby. I experienced Diastasis Recti which made my efforts in getting back into shape a lot slower and harder. I knew that exercising, while lightly at first, was the key to speed up my recovery process. I searched and searched for a product that would help me with core strength  and in making my workouts safer and my recovery faster. All that I could find were belly wraps made to comfort my stomach but not designed for what I knew would benefit me the most, exercise.

Fast forward two years to my next pregnancy. While I was extremely busy during these years I was also extremely blessed to have my husband's occupation allowing for me to be a full time stay at home mom. I used this time to create a groundbreaking product in the New Mom Tummy Trainer which led to the business MoreFitMom. I aimed for designing a product that would boost my recovery by strengthening my core, reducing my saggy skin, and providing support to my back. I was my first guinea pig and felt that I regained my confidence and body back in about three months compared to the eight months it took me before (give or take). I am so happy that I get to share my story and progress with other new moms along the same journey I was. 

- Founder Victoria Ferreira



MoreFitMom Team

The MoreFitMom team is a small tight knit family of mothers that is dedicated to taking matters of postpartum fitness and recovery into their own hands. Developing the right product for the fastest postpartum recovery possible is just as essential as sharing it with the world.


"We strive to bring back the self confidence that many mothers lose postpartum. To inspire new mothers to get in better shape than they were before; to get in the best shape of their lives." - Founder of MoreFitmoms Victoria Ferreira